3×16 “1912”

We begin 100 years ago in the yellow toned 1912 (what did 1969 look like? Tye-dye?) as 2 council members discussed the death of a founding family member (PARALLELS!). Zacharia Salvatore decided it was as safe as any other night in Mystic Falls (truth) and continued on his way…

RIP Uncle Zach #1!

1912 quickly fades into 2012 (or is it still 2011? IDK ANYMORE)

Mayor Lockwood was not happy Sheriff Forbes wouldn’t reveal the suspect in custody for the council members murders out in public.

Unfortunately not. Alaric was the suspect in custody!

Alaric held firm that he was NOT the serial killer but Liz had to detain him. There was simply too much evidence against him. Damon was also randomly there? Backing up his BFF I guess. I like how only human murderers get arrested and no1curr about Damon, who’s killed hundreds of peeps by now.

A few miles, feet, centimeters? away, Elena and Matt were getting in their morning jog. I like how it had only been 2 days since the fancy ball and Matt’s hand seemed to have magically healed.

Matt confessed to Elena that he had spoken to Bonnie and that Abby was going to complete the transition into a vampire. Elena was upset that Bonnie didn’t call her instead. She did, however, receive another phone call informing her of Alaric’s imprisonment.

Elena quickly ran over to the police station to go see Alaric and bumped into Damon on the way in

Elena was not happy that Damon had decided to stay out of things for once.

Elena also tried to get Damon to care a little bit about what Bonnie was going through with Abby becoming a vampire and all. Damon didn’t really care and I didn’t really blame him.

Back at the dimly lit Salvatore mansion, Stefan was self loathing (writing in his journals) again. Damon interrupted his alone time though with one of the best (if not THE best) Damon line of the season.

Damon was trying to take some bro-tips from Klaus and Elijah and spend some bro-time with Stefan and reminisce about the yellow times.

We were taken back to 1912 to the funeral of Uncle/Nephew Zach #1. Stefan took a few seconds to talk with the town gossips about the murders and the TVD writers used a plot device to name drop.

Another season 1 throw back!

It had been 50 years, but apparently Damon was still pissed at Stefan for making him transition into a vampire. Stefan pointed out that he had been sober for a while after he attended Lexi-hab but Damon still harbored resentment.

Back in present, colorful time, Stefan agreed to get bro-wasted with Damon and help try to clear Alaric of the council member murders.

Getting back to what has seem to become the new “big bad” of season 3, Rebekah questioned Mayor Lockwood on the location of the new white oak

Carol was no help. She directed Rebekah towards a plot device Damon and Stefan.

Stamon was over at the bar, day drinking and discussing some murders. Stefan began fiending for blood and Damon was catching on quickly.

Back at jailhouse rock, Liz was getting super srs about the murders. She questioned Alaric on the evidence Meredith had handed over that implicated him.

At the Grill, Rebekah joined Damon and Stefan and began asking 348 questions about their family history.

It was revealed that Stamon’s father had been diddling the maids of the Salvatore mansion and ended up impregnating one of them, thus allowing the Salvatore name/bloodline to continue. I hope we get to meet more human Salvatores one day…

We were then escorted back to 1912 for the introduction of vampire Sage, a female boxer, and Damon’s Lexi

And nothing was really established in this scene other than Sage had red hair, boxed a ton, and she maybe liked Damon and he maybe was interested too.

Over in the Mystic Falls Hospital parking lot, Elena was stalking down Meredith

Elena tried to get Meredith to understand that Alaric was not the killer but Meredith kind of pwned Elena and asked her how much she actually knew about her guardian/teacher/future love interest. It turned out, not a lot. Meredith also told Elena that nothing she said mattered because she dates vampires. I don’t hate Meredith as much anymore.

Back at the Grill Stamon ousted Rebekah from their brotastic time out.

Elena and Matt then came up with the best idea in the whole entire world that would not backfire on them whatsoever: break into Meredith’s apartment and look for incriminating evidence against her! (They were still convinced she was the killer)

Apparently the #1 rule as a founding family member is to always have a secret closet full “skeletons.” I wonder how an episode of House Hunters would play out for a founding family…Must have: eat-in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and secret closet for crossbows, stakes, diaries, and death wishes.

Elena and Matt came across a box in Meredith’s secret closet full of folders from the council member murders…DUN DUN DUN.

At the Grill, Stamon was trying to connect the 1912 murders to the present day murders

Rebekah decided to barge back into bro-time. Also, TVD now requires that one Original must be in every scene. This is a rule I could get used to. Dabekah read excerpts from Stefan’s Livejournal and flashed back to yellower times.

Sage awkwardly watched Damon feed and kill and instructed him that his “form was all wrong.” He should get pleasure out of it too. All this build up to Sage and her being Damon’s “mentor” and that’s basically all she had to say to get him to start compellin’ and rapin’.

Sage informed Damon to go after the girls who don’t really want to be seduced because deep down they really want it, more so than the prostitutes apparently. (Oy, this show sometimes…)

Rebekah once again made a remark about once knowing Sage, leading to Damon questioning her on their past relationship

Apparently Sage and Finn were once together. This also meant that Sage was over 900 years young.

Also, Damon finally got Stefan to admit he was about to kill the entire Mystic Grill waitstaff, aka Matt.

Back over at casa de Fell, Elena and Matt continued their Scooby gang snooping.

They stumbled across an old Gilbert journal. They didn’t have too much time to keep looking (MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE GRABBED THE BOX AND PEACED OUT IF YOU WERE GOING TO TAMPER WITH EVIDENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE) because Meredith unexpectedly came home. Matt and Elena jumped into the closet.

I’m sorry, I know Stelena fans love Stefan because he lets Elena make her own (dumb) decisions but sometimes Damon isn’t completely wrong in trying to stop her before she sets any plans into fruition…

Elena and Matt were quickly apprehended by Sheriff Forbes.

Since MF jailhouse rock only could afford one prisoner at a time, Liz let Elena and Matt go. Not before Elena could tell her about the tampered with evidence though. Apparently Meredith had a document for the coroner’s office that would clear Alaric of the murders!

Outside of the Grill, Stefan had had enough of bro-time and was about to kill errbody. Damon decided he should. It was better to drink blood in moderation than go cold turkey.

Stefan couldn’t hold back.

Damon also decided Rebekah had bro-blocked enough that night and sent her on her way

(sorry, but I wouldn’t mind a Dabekah endgame)

Oh, and Elena and Matt just happened to pass by to see Stefan covered in blood and the unconscious girl. ZzzZzz. Stefan was mad at Damon again.

Elena and Matt sauntered back to the Saltzbert residence and Matt point blank asked Elena why she liked vampires so much. Elena then came to the realization that she had loved Stefan so much because he couldn’t die (unlike all 3 of her human parents, Aunt Jenna, and probably Matt one day). This scene was mainly to establish that there was still a connection between Matt and Elena (Melena? Elatt? Donobert?)

Matt also confessed he had stolen the Gilbert journal while Meredith and the “idiot” (way to talk about your friend/ex’s mother so nicely) weren’t looking. Elena again didn’t get a chance to open it up and try to read because Alaric had been released and was home!

Alaric and Elena embraced in a totally normal guardian/teacher/dead aunts bf/dead vampire mothers ex-husband hug

I’m also kind of surprised Alaric wasn’t shaking like Stefan was…from his alcohol withdrawals.

Back at Stamon mansion, Damon tried once again to get Stefan to take after Klaus and Elijah

We were taken back to 1912 where Damon had convinced Stefan to relapse. Stefan showed he couldn’t control himself and hilariously whacked the head off of a Lockwood and tried to put it back on (this was apparently the start of his second ripper binge).

Damon admitted that he felt bad for not going after Stefan and stopping him. He was determined to do it this time around because he bro-loved him. It was probably the best scene of the episode, tbh.

At the Saltzbert residence, Elena was finally getting a chance to read up on the journal Matt had stolen for her. Apparently it had belonged to Samantha Gilbert (the girl Damon “killed” in 1912)

At Stamon mansion, Stefan decided to give the bromance thing a try. Stefan had found a confession for the 1912 council members’ murders. It was none other than thought to be dead at the time: Samantha Gilbert!

Back to the Saltzbert residence: Meredith decided to stop by. Alaric was not happy to see the woman who had shot him and then put him in jail.

Elena was deciphering the scribble scrabble of Samantha’s journal when everything began to click (it took them 41 minutes…it took me 2 weeks ago)

One more stroll over to the Salvatore’s and the boys were starting to figure out the murders. If Samantha wasn’t a vampire she must have worn a Gilbert death-saving ring. They connected the rings to the murders

Meredith was also starting to connect the dots. She called Alaric out on him “blacking out.” She tried to get him to see that a ring that cheats death wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The longer you wore it/more times you cheated death, the more likely you were to kill a member of Mystic Falls’ founding family. This is where the shocking twist came in because we were all suppose to believe that Alaric’s black outs were from his alcoholism!

LOL, don’t you like how Alaric didn’t take the ring off?

And last and least, Elena also figured out Alaric was the murderer!

A flashback in a flashback then revealed that everyone was right: the death cheat ring made you cray cray!

So, there you have it! A boring episode that was just…boring. The “big twist” was not really that big and the flashbacks were lacking (as per usual). Also, why do you only kill council members!? WHATEVER, I can’t wait to see Alaric go batshit cray though!

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3×14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

3×14 picks up on the same night that 3×13 left off. Elena and Matt are chillin’ at MF Hospital. To make things easier for the writers of TVD and their cast of many (awesome) characters we are nicely told that 1. Alaric is going to be chillin’ in the hospital for a few days (I guess his ring is still at 90%) and 2. Bonnie and Abby are okay (aka, they were still passed out in cave). People are upset over Bonnie not being at the ball later on but LBR, she would not have gone even if she was invited.

Elena apologized for dragging him into everything but Matt subtly pointed out that he has the better end of things, saying he doesn’t really have much to worry about as opposed to everyone else in town. Go Matt.

Elena showed off her driving skills she learned at Mystic Falls Driving School (apparently it was just as well attended as Mystic Falls High School) and guess who showed up?

Elena did literally stab Rebekah in the back. Rebekah put her trust in Elena and she pulled a Katherine (something tells me it isn’t the last time…)

King Elijah showed up to save the day!

(Fair warning: I will be ranting about this later)

Cut to the next day at the Saltzbert residence: Stelamon discussing Elena’s nice night out with Elijah (why didn’t they show this instead?) A sudden knock at the door brings this

The Original family is throwing a fancy ball!

History lesson brought to you by Google: Let me clarify for some people that Mikaelson would have been an accurate last name for the Original siblings…kind of. Vikings often took the name of their fathers and added ‘son’ or ‘dottir’ to the end to infer they were the ‘son of’ or ‘daughter of.’ There go my theories that I would be playing spin the dreidel with the Originals…

Back at Mikaelson Mansion

Kol is new so I forgive him for not understanding that this isn’t HBO. The CW hates gay characters so I’m not sure why he would think they would love incestuous ones?

Isn’t he the best?

Unfortunately, Mommy showed up to break up the impending battle

Esther tried to get Klaus to see that it would take time for them to all be “AS ONE” (get what they were trying to do here? Grrr) and quickly changed conversations

Stelamon argued whether to go to the ball or not. Over at the Forbes residence someone else was about to get an invite

Michael Trevino was phoning his part in (he took tips from Kat Graham on that one). I would argue that TVD has way too many characters to handle at once but it may come back to bite me in the butt by Thursday.

A knock at the door brought Caroline’s invitation from…you guessed it, Klaus! And look what he sent

Caroline and Elena met at Red Lobster The Grill to discuss the fancy ball. Caroline called Elena out for not telling her about the Delena kiss and Rebekah showed up to invite Matt to the dance. I’m happy they didn’t spend 549 scenes leading up to the ball.

Damon AGAIN forgot about CW Rule #1: NO GAY CHARACTERS and decided that since Elijah shot down his advances he would give it a shot with his equally attractive brother

Kol wasn’t having it.

Side note: They were supposed to do an episode where Kol and Damon knew each other in flashbacks similar to Klefan and I’m SUPER UPSET they did not go this route.

Cheesy is the best way to describe Elena’s arrival. She decided that the best way to get in the Katherine mood would be the curl her hair.

After much lamenting (20 seconds worth) Caroline decided to attend the ball in the dress Klaus sent

Finn took the time to introduce himself and tell Elena that Esther wanted to talk, alone

It would have to wait until after the dance off

I like how Elijah referred to dancing as some old tradition within his family. Did they regularly hold dances with the Vikings and werewolves in the town square 1,000 years ago?

Elena agreed to dance with Damon and Stefan seemed kind of hurt…

Stelena snuck away for a quick chat. Stelena fans everywhere swooned and made Tumblr gifs.

Rebekah enlisted Kol to help her kill Matt in order to make Elena suffer

Like others, I was upset to learn Kol and Rebekah were not twins (AND I’M NOT TALKING GAME OF THRONES STYLE). It would have been a cute detail.

Elena had Stefan break Damon’s neck so he wouldn’t interfere with her meeting with Esther.

Esther explained to Elena that before she died her body was preserved by the Original Bennett. The other side had better coffee but she decided it was time to come back to be with her family.

In an effort to connect with Caroline, Klaus told her a story about horses and how Mikael killed his favorite one.

Do you not love Caroline and her “no1curr” attitude towards Klaus? I know people are either in love with Klaroline or vomit at the thought of them but their scenes together are the best of the episode. The way Caroline shuts Klaus down and tells it like it is to him is awesome and I can’t wait to see more.

Esther explained to Elena she had plans to perform a ritual that would link her children “as one” so if one of them died, they all would die. She needed a drop of Elena’s blood to begin so she could put it in the champagne her children were drinking.

And Elena went along with it! Now I’m going to have more on this later but what angers me more then anything else is Elena’s willingness to trust Esther. The only thing Elena knows about Esther is that she tried to have her murdered from the other side (which she still didn’t apologize for!). Elena also didn’t choose to ask questions. How would she know if this ritual was going to take out just the Mikaelson children or all vampires? How about if it was going to take her out as well? Esther is 100% ready to take her children out, she lied to her children’s faces, how is she not lying to Elena who she has no emotional attachment to?

Kol and Rebekah chatted and Damon recovered from his broken neck. Stefan called Damon out for being too much like season 1!Stefan.

Outside, Rebekah was having 2nd thoughts on killing Matt. He was nice to her and she genuinely was starting to like him.

And there it was. Elena’s Katherine like betrayal of Elijah.

I touched on this before with Elena’s willingness to trust Esther but this is the 2nd thing that annoyed me. Elena straight up stabbed Elijah in the back. I get people’s arguments that she’s trying to destroy Klaus and the Mikaelson family has provided nothing but pain and that Elijah did betray her too in season 2. Elena and Elijah betrayed each other! Elena daggered him and he saved Klaus. But, Elijah found a way to save Elena (it was Damon that screwed that up). Elijah saved Klaus to save his family and without him there would be no Damon! Elena and Elijah came to an understanding, a friendship was built between the two after they both betrayed each other and this is how she repays him! I guess he shouldn’t have put trust into her but the reason Elijah likes Elena is because SHE’S NOT KATHERINE!

This ties into Elena trusting Esther over Elijah! Elijah saved Elena’s life and Esther tried to kill her and she chooses Esther because she has a plan to kill Klaus, which again, SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. I know this sounds long and crazy, especially as an Elijah stan but it breaks my heart that Elena did this.

Since no one actually attends Mystic Falls High School it was easy to see why no one noticed Klaus chillin’ in their Arts classes.

Also, this is another great scene. Caroline told Klaus off and accused him of not properly being able to connect with anyone. Caroline – 952, Klaus – 0.

Meanwhile, Kol confronted Rebekah and she called off the plans to kill Matt. Kol was not happy Rebekah had feelings.

Oh, and Elena still had some Katherine left over in her

Kol took the time to lovingly introduce himself to Matt and to break his hand, but was rudely interrupted by someone looking to flirt

Damon threw Kol off the balcony and snapped his neck. A lot of people have posed the question: how could Damon over power an Original? I asked that myself. Maybe Kol wasn’t as strong since he was snoozing for 100 years just 1 day ago?

Also, Stelena seemed more pressed about the neck snapping then any of the Original family. I think they wanted to thank Damon; Kol was kind of a jerk.

Caroline tried getting a hold of Tyler once again (Michael Trevino was only obligated to one phone in part that episode). She found another gift waiting for her from Klaus. I’m going to refer you guys over to Price Peterson’s recap because I laughed so hard I cried at his take on the scene.

Esther took time to compliment her son on his flawlessness, even though she was still planning on killing him. And yes, there is only a 5 year age difference between Daniel Gillies and the woman playing his mother.

Ugh, Finn, I had such high hopes for you. It turned out Finn was ready to martyr himself and take the rest of his siblings with him. Like father like son…sort of.

After realizing how flawless Elijah was, Esther seemed kind of conflicted. Only for a second though because she continued on with her ritual to bind her kids together.

This was actually kind of cool. Finn’s blood created a tree like pattern connecting all the names of the Mikaelson kids. Poor Heinrick and Aaron were missing out (RIP, BBs). I’m also hoping the spell accidentally binded them all with Finn from Glee instead of their brother Finn, I wouldn’t be sad to see him go.

Another Stelena Tumblr worthy scene took place. Elena was starting to feel somewhat remorseful for signing the Original siblings’ death certificates but Stefan made sure to steer her away from those feelings.

Back at The Grill

Burn! Matt was on point this episode. Don’t worry, someone else was there to comfort Rebekah…

Mmm, the taste of regret.

Hope you liked it! This episode was much better than last weeks, IMO. I just do not like what they are trying to do to my Elijah and his flawless family…Esther truly is a bigger villain than Klaus.

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