3×13 “Bringing Out the Dead”

Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to take a stab at this for a while. Following in the footsteps of my photorecap hero, Price Peterson. This is the 1st time I have done anything like this, so please be gentle!!

TVD wasted no time and got back to right where 3×12 left off. Elijah pondered who undaggered him, because clearly Klaus was having too much fun trolling Stefan to do so himself. Klaus immediately tried to force alcohol upon Elijah and get him to have a sit down (because in Klaus’s mind, daggering his family was the LOVING thing to do) but the King was like…

“LOL NOT ENOUGH ALCOHOL IN THE WORLD RN.” Of course Klaus only cared about the décor of his new dimly lit mansion and retaliated quickly.

Klaus had moves of his own…too bad he used them on Daniel Gillies’s stunt double and not Elijah.

All their blurry fighting led to this awesome moment:

Hi Cutie! Prince Kol was getting his, and I mean this literally, beauty rest.

Klaus threatened to re-dagger Elijah but once he mentioned Kol being awake Klaus was like “uh, NVM” and immediately let up on Elijah.

Kol didn’t hold hands around a grave with Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah and swear to be there “always and forever,” so back the dagger went. Goodnight for now, sweet Prince.

Oh, and also this happened:

Klaus should really find a better tattoo artist.

Down the road, Alaric was searching for the aspirin. He drinks daily, so I’m not sure if this was to make awkward small talk with Elena or he just keeps forgetting? Also, I’m confused as to who’s playing Alaric these days, Matt Davis or a bottle of whiskey? It’s up for debate.

Then, Sheriff Forbes stopped by. Since she was the only police officer in town she decided to come to one of the most rationale people for help, Elena. Turns out the murder weapon used on Meredith’s ex had Elena’s fingerprints on it…

Instead of bringing up the most obvious guess, Katherine, Elena quickly blamed Meredith. Listen, I don’t like Meredith either but…COME ON NOW.

An unimportant phone call with Damon (except Elena calling Alarics love life tragic, LOL ELENA) led to this gem of a meeting:

Now, I’m confused. Did Damon’s love note specifically state when and where to meet him? Did Elijah finally invest in a cell phone? Or is the best way to get a hold of him still Craigslist? I’m going with Craigslist.

Also, this scene really served no purpose. It was cut way too short and didn’t really establish anything. The King is in it so I’m not complaining.

I can’t even with the next scene. Stefan forced Bonnie and Abby into the cave then was like “GET TO WORK. BYE.” I’m going to let you all draw your own conclusions on that scene.

Never change jerk!Stefan, never change.

Another scene in which nothing interesting happened. Meredith is just ugh, the only redeeming thing to this scene was Caroline.

Then Caroline’s heartbreaking story arc of the episode began:

Because Meredith is the only M.D. in Mystic Falls and she only uses vampire blood to save her patients, the most unsuspecting place for a murder would be the medical supply closet.

Bill died with vamp blood in his system, he was going to be okay…as the thing he hates most.

Abby attempted to decipher some cave drawings but Mystic Falls Daycare had to cut their arts program and was only providing chalk to its students.

I love jerk!Stefan but I DO NOT love hypocrite!Stefan. Stefan called Damon crazy for trusting Elijah, bringing up the time when Elijah saved Klaus to ultimately save his family. Hey, remember that time Stefan helped save Klaus to save Damon’s life? You should be bonding with Elijah Stefan, not starting a smear campaign against him.

Oh and Damon called Stefan a dick and blamed him for the Delena kiss, I’m starting to like Damon again.

Back at the hospital Bill told Caroline he was not going to drink blood to complete the transition into a vampire. I am going to refer to Price Peterson directly on this one, his rant is much better than anything I could try to spit out.

Moving back to the Saltzbert? Giltzman? Eleric? Residence:

Alaric was having a good ole’ time while two people in the background discussed the Founders Council murders some more.

Elijah kindly invited Stamon into his home. I’m actually confused about this one. If Klaus owns the house, how did Elijah invite them in? And when Elijah woke up shouldn’t he have been thrown out of the house like at the Salvatores? Wait, does this rule not apply if vampires own the house? Sorry if I’m completely missing something here. No one owns the Salvatore house anymore so it’s fair game, but Klaus would be more cautious, right? Anyways, Klaus tempted his guests with some Kentucky Fried Chicken and some…apples?

Damon once again forgot about The CW’s rules on gay characters and flirted with Elijah. I welcomed it, but apparently Elijah was still conflicted on whether to help Damon or stand by his brother’s side. Either way, his face was priceless.

In an effort to make the dinner as awkward as possible, Stefan brought up Rebekah and the death of their mother.

Klaus was not amused but apparently had already come clean to Elijah about his murdering ways…probably at the salon while Elijah was getting his hair did, so he couldn’t really hear him over the blow dryer. Elijah kept his composure but you could tell he was about to start undag- we’ll get to that soon enough.

And once again, score 1 for Damon this episode. He called Stefan out for being a hypocrite.

Caroline’s argument wasn’t completely wrong. If it’s not Katherine committing the council murders, it is possible Klaus used his sire bond to Tyler to have him kill. I think Elena is just trying to cockblock Alaric now.

Besides that conversation this scene was pretty heartbreaking. I give a million points to Candice Accola, she does great on this show.

Matt showed up. He’s a good guy! His only use is to be the only human teenager (right now) but I don’t hate him when I don’t think about the drowning scene from “The Reckoning”…

Elijah was not amused, almost like he was about to go undag- WE’LL GET TO THAT.

In TVD tradition we were TOLD and not SHOWN (did I learn nothing from “Ordinary People”?) about the Original Petrova. Her name was NOT Charlotte, it was Tatia. Klaus and Elijah loved and fought over her. Esther fed them her blood. Parallels were drawn.

Across the table, 2 other brothers did not feel the same way.

Back in the cave Bonnie and Abby had an emotional moment. Apparently 1 minute of mother/daughter emotion conjures up 15+ years of magic? MOM, WHERE ARE YOU? I’M FEELING MAGICAL!

The magic worked! Bonnie went to find cell reception (didn’t someone install WiFi in that cave by now?), leaving Abby alone. And then BAM! The coffin opened. I WONDER WHO/WHAT WAS IN THERE!? IT’S A TOTAL 100% SHOCKER THAT WASN’T SPOILED BY ANY LEAKED PROMOS BY THE CW, THAT’S FOR SURE!

No caption needed.

Back at Klaus mansion it was time to negotiate a deal. Klaus actually said some reasonable things about Elena being better off without Stamon.

Damon wasn’t having it; he decided to take a fiver.

Elijah suspiciously followed. I like to imagine they were hugging, shirtless. But, what they actually did is the next best thing.

Elena and Matt returned to the Saltzbert house to find it in shambles. Instead of calling the cops Sheriff Forbes, they did their own investimagating.

NOW it was a typical Thursday!

They found Alaric, stabbed, just like the other council members. I add this one in here because I’m pretty sure that is what Matt Davis wishes would happen. Damon was not readily available so Elena killed him instead with her dopplelicious ways so that he would come back to life with his fully functional ring. See you soon, Ric!

Klaus attempted to make a deal with Stamon but jerk!Stefan was not having it. Klaus broke his leg and forced his hand into a fire. Elijah kept Damon from helping Stefan but I’m pretty sure it was just an excuse to put his hands on Damon.

Apparently Ian was taking a break from eye acting and taking a stab at nose acting. Not a fan. Damon told Klaus he would go retrieve the last coffin and Elijah followed. LOL WERE THEY TROLLIN’.

The next scene is actually kind of hard to watch, I’m not going to lie. It was the final moments between Caroline and Bill and even thought Bill’s character was horribly written and handled it was still sob worthy. Was his character meant to be ironic?


Elijah finally took all his anger out and UNDAGGERED HIS FLAWLESS FAMILY. PS: Apparently the longer you’ve been daggered, the less time it takes you to wake up?

This is something no one will have a hard time arguing: The Vampire Diaries casting office did one of the best jobs and casted Nathaniel Buzolic. Claps and praises to you TVD, my body is ready.

Also, a lot of people keep saying that they don’t understand how Kol is in modern day clothing. If you look closely enough, he isn’t. He’s dressed in early 1900s garb. Kol was a Newsie. He enjoyed life selling papes, singing, dancing…and then Klaus came and daggered him. No wonder Klaus is frightened of him, he daggered him right before Carrying the Banner.

Something tells me Klaus and Kol are going to partake in a battle of the ‘K’ names.

Before we had anytime to appreciate Kol’s beautiful face we were quickly introduced to daggered bro #2, Finn! Poor boy has been asleep for 900 years; someone’s going to have to keep a close eye on him for a while.

I’m rallying for an entire episode where Finn walks around saying “WOTS THIS!?” to everything and runs away when he sees a moving car.

Let’s not forget about the flawless princess!

Elijah was a giddy school boy. He had been playing this line in his head for the past 1,000 years and it was executed flawlessly.

Cut back to the other storylines. Bill passed away and Elena and Matt shared a hug. Damon and Stefan went to go check on Bonnie and Abby. I was going to recap that scene but basically all that happened was:

Stefan: I am going to stop being a jerk.
Damon: ….
Stefan: ELENA. IS. MINE.
Damon: 1864 was a good year, how about a repeat?

Yes, so after everything Klaus said both brothers confessed their love for Elena. They didn’t dwell on it too much because they remembered quickly that Bonnie and Abby still exist.

Alaric woke up! He was very upset he wasn’t a vampire. I’m not an advocate for Alaric’s alcoholism but the bottle of whiskey should have been the 1st thing Alaric saw, not Elena and Matt.

One more flash to the cave

AND THE COFFIN WAS EMPTY! SUCK IT, PRICE PETERSON! I WAS RIGHT. There was nothing in there! No snickers, no doppelganger, no dead mo- damn it.

Abby and Bonnie were getting some quick ZzzZz’s thanks to a certain someone…

Back at the MIKAELSON household (very upset their last name is not ‘Original’) the family was keeping a close eye on Klaus to make sure he did not throw another hissy fit.

There’s also a reason Finn is starring off screen. What isn’t shown is a computer with the flying toaster screensaver about 5 feet away. Finn was intently planning the destruction of this object and what the best way to use a surprise sneak attack would be incase of computer retaliation…

The family was plotting their escape from Klaus and their next round of the game Clue…but…


Klaus realized he was defeated. I guess he wanted his brothers and sister to believe their mother was dead as opposed to getting some light ZzzZ’s. He knew that they would open the coffin themselves if they knew she was still kicking and she holds the key to Klaus’s destruction.

How anti-climatic! I wanted more family fights, more Finn and Kol time, more Esther rage! I guess she’s forging Klaus’s trust so she can destroy him from the inside.

Also, we are now all well aware of the Mikaelson family. Half their names are Hebrew and half their names are Nordic. It is all very confusing. I hope this issue gets resolved soon because I need to know which card to send out during the holidays:

So there we have it! I hope you enjoyed it! It took me a long time but I had fun making it (and a good way to kill a Saturday afternoon). Remember, all views/opinions/theories are my own so I’m not trying to offend/start a fight with anyone!

Sources: Caps Gifs (and of course, Tumblr)


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